Going further

Running the test suite

Get the latest Source code first.


"The intent of regression testing is to assure that in the process of fixing a defect no existing functionality has been broken. Non-regression testing is performed to test that an intentional change has had the desired effect." (from Wikipedia)

The tests directory of the source archive (not the RPM) contains all regression and non-regression tests. To run all tests with Python 2, use the following commands:

$ cd tests
$ nosetests -sv --all-modules .

Or run all tests with Python 3 by using the following command instead:

$ nosetests-3 -sv --all-modules .

Some tests assume that ssh(1) to localhost is allowed for the current user. Some tests use bc(1). And some tests need pdsh(1) installed.

Bug reports

We use Github Issues as issue tracking system for the ClusterShell development project. There, you can report bugs or suggestions after logged in with your Github account.